What is it? Answers CXXIV

Thursday, July 06, 2006

708. Pratt & Whitney wheel defect, worn coupler limit, worn journal collar, and journal fillet gage for trains:

709. It was marked "barbed wire wrapping tool" but was originally sold as a valve lifter for automobiles, and is listed in some publications as a fence tool.

A slightly larger image can be see at the Barbed wire museum.

710. Part of a sickle bar mower

711. Top of a globe frame

This side of the frame has a scale for miles with a zero at the equator and 6000 at each pole. The other side has a scale for degrees:

712. Carriage driver's tool, the part on the upper left is a hoof pick and the hex was probably used to adjust a carbide lamp.

713. Quick-Connect Impact Insertion Tool, used by a telephone technician:

It's spring loaded similar to a center hole punch.

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